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       It is a “hair-raising” zone. Titanic Area is located on the rolling hillside in south of the Park, occupying 120 thousand m2, where there are more than ten kinds of over two hundred predators raised, including Siberian tiger and African lion with a good name of “the king of beasts”, charmingly naïve brown bear and black bear, a dab at hunting – tri-colored dog, and sly and greedy northwest wolf.

      The area can attract tourists extremely. When the sightseeing bus comes to the beast area, beasts are so close to tourists, and they slowly approach and run after the bus, which make tourists’ hair stand on end. This area becomes the climax of the touring process in the whole park.

      Tiger area is the first display area that tourists visit after entering the beast area, only the outfield stocking area reaching 3,000 m2, which is located on the gentle slope at the northern foot of Qinling, south high and north low. Every morning, the tigers run out from southern cages to the stocking area for running about wildly, like a vivid picture of tigers dashing down a mountain.



      The bear area is the area only equipped with back plate, where three kinds of over 20 bears, including brown bear, black bear and sun bears. The bear has weak eyesight. The black bear is called “black blind”, and the back plates with black and white straps avoid “the blind” on the rampage in humanized way. The pond, dry trees and spacious activity space form the paradise for bears playing. Especially fed with food, the brown bear will walk upright “conscientiously”, look funny and cute.