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   Xi’an QinLing Wildlife Park is located in the nearby city part north slope of QinLing Mountains as well as with 28kmdistance from Xi’an city center. It is the first wildlife zoo in Northwest China and with more than 10,000 wild animals belong to 300 species. Wild animal protection, popular science education, tourism, leisure, and other functions are all in

one integrated garden project -- Xi’an QinLing Wildlife Park.



  Xi’an QinLing Wildlife Park is a fascinating place with full plants in the 260,000 m2 mountains. It is a dynamic ecological scenic area and with rare wild animals from all over the world. It is also a happy paradise with magical, breathtaking andstimulate animal performance.  

  The central national park of China, The Chinese QinLing Wildlife park. Xi’an QinLing Wildlife Park is National AAAA level scenic area, national wild animal protection base, The national youth civilization, ShaanXi province and xi 'an city youth education base.


  Pandas, takins and golden monkey are the main animals as the characteristics of the QingLing Mountain. You can get a wonderful feeling with mountains, lakes, trees, flowers, bird, and even beasts as on scenic area and full of oxygen anion.

  Xi’an QinLing Wildlife Park insist on the concept of harmonious coexistence between man and nature and give tourism  activities with rich cultural connotation and advanced cultural orientation.

  In recent years, we designed and launched "I planted breakfast for animals", "happy caravan to the countryside", "thanks  to the sun in the earth", "in the summer of my joy, my first bucket of gold" summer camp, and other rich interesting, ornamental, participatory tourism activities. At the same time, we lanched three experiential tourism products those are “Animal lounge”, “Zero distance with giraffe”, “lion star jumping”.